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Moon Stages

Who Are We?

In a Nutshell

We are a grandmother and granddaughter who have come together due to our shared passion for all things witchcraft, spiritual and pagan. We have vast experience of putting on events throughout Lincolnshire and as a result of this, we have connections to some of the best mediums, therapists, and resources within the county.


Christine Daniels
Platform medium, 1-1 Medium, Tea Leaf Reader, Reiki Master, Past Life Regression Therapist 

My goal is to help others find peace and clarity in their lives. I am a platform medium, 1-1 Medium, Tea Leaf Reader, Reiki Master, and Past Life Regression Therapist. My readings and healing sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs and provide insight into the past, present and future. I have been reading for more than 20 years and have seen how powerful the insights can be. I invite you to join me on a journey of self-discovery and clarity. Together, we can explore the possibilities and achieve a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

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